• What is Applied Kinesiology?

    When you experience AK for the first time, your mind fills with loads of questions. How does it work? Why did I go suddenly weak for a moment? How can you tell so much about my problems so fast when the medical profession ran countless tests and didn’t find anything much? How can I find out more about this amazing technique.

    This article is an attempt to answer some of these questions.

    Your body has a wonderful ability to run itself without any conscious input from you.

    When you swallow a mouthful of food, you can forget about it and leave the whole digestive cycle to your subconscious mind. It will open the necessary valves and move the food along, adding enzymes where and when necessary to ensure that the food is well digested and you get the maximum value from it. The next message you get from your body is when you need to eliminate the waste.

    The same thing happens for your blood pressure, heart rate, thyroid and other gland functions, etc.

    Your subconscious mind is aware of what is happening at every stage to every part of your body, and you can just sit back and enjoy television.

    You may suddenly find a tender lump where your immune system has located an infection that you weren’t consciously aware of and is attacking it on your behalf. Your conscious mind didn’t know about the infection, but your unconscious mind did and had alerted your body’s defenses.

    Imagine how good it would be if your chiropractor could communicate with this part of your mental ‘computer’ and ask it questions about the deepest workings of your body.

    That is what Applied Kinesiology allows us to do.

  • AK is a diagnostic technique

    I personally consider that it is more than just a diagnostic technique. The insights we can gain about WHY a problem exists in the body allows us to treat causes rather than symptoms.

    Correcting a vertebral misalignment is a well-proven method of reducing a symptom and restoring normal nerve function to an area. But if we can determine the muscle imbalance or weakness that allowed that misalignment to occur, and if we then correct that weak muscle, then we have set the stage for a deeper and more lasting benefit.

  • How do we communicate using AK?

    We all know that when your chiropractor taps the big tendon just below the kneecap your foot kicks forward. This is a normal nerve reflex called a ‘deep-tendon reflex’. In a similar way if your chiropractor challenges your nervous system with a noxious or unpleasant stimulus – something your body reacts to – then there is an immediate short-term muscle response of weakness.

    Muscle testing is like functional neurology allowing your body to “challenge” various neurological pathways, to determine causes and also indicate when an adequate correction has been achieved. It is a beautiful and direct communication with the body in the present moment with instant feedback.

  • What conditions and problems can AK help?

    Your chiropractor can use such ‘challenges’ to quickly and painlessly test you for infections, organic malfunctions, structural problems, nutritional and chemical clashes, allergies, acupuncture imbalances and much more. We can even test for emotional causes of illness.

    Repairing the faults we find might be as simple and painless as clicking a vertebra with a small and gentle tap-hammer. We might need to give you some nutrients or rub some reflex points on your body. We will NOT frighten you with strong manipulations and loud cracking noises. We believe that every visit should be a pleasant experience for the patient. You should also be able to see the benefits immediately!

    You will find your first exposure to AK to be an exciting and fascinating experience. Everyone does! Our team shares your awe. I love my job and still years later down the track I am amazed at how much information can be gleaned simply by “asking” the body the right questions.

    I do not believe that there is a more effective or amazing healing method on the planet!