Structural Alignment

This includes the ‘normal or basic’ type of chiropractic. Here we deal with realigning the spine and muscle-balancing to restore full nerve supply to the organs and tissues of the body so that they can work as they were designed to work – free of aches, pains and poor function. Repairing the faults we find might be as simple and painless as clicking a vertebra with a small and gentle tap-hammer. We might need to give you some nutrients or rub some reflex points on your body. We will NOT frighten you with strong manipulations and loud cracking noises. We believe that every visit should be a pleasant experience for the patient. You should also be able to see the benefits immediately!

Organ Optimisation

Using the energy-system of the body we are able to quickly locate and (usually) repair organs that are working poorly. For example, many patients present with severe fatigue that we can trace to pressure on the ‘sympathetic’ nerve supply to the heart. This mostly does not show on the medical machines that test the heart, but the patient benefits enormously when that nerve supply is improved. Athletes gain special benefits from improved muscle function using our methods.

Nutritional Testing and Advice

When assessing and maintaining health nutrition is of the utmost importance, whether your goal is optimum gut function and health. You are a top athlete seeking better performance. Have a goal to lose weight or correct biochemical and hormonal imbalance, diet is key. Our nutritional training, experience and testing techniques help us identify problems quickly and accurately, as well as find the nutrients required for correction. We can include identifying toxicity here too.

Emotional Problems

Many pains have their origin in emotional trauma – large, or even quite small trauma. We can test for this involvement and we have exciting techniques for rapid repair. Whereas medical approach uses drugs to control depression, repairing the underlying chemistry can do a better and safer job.

Meridian Therapy

This is better known as Acupuncture, but since we do not use needles (ie, no puncture) it is called Meridian Therapy. Here we tap into the body energy system – which is an astounding system – and we can use acupuncture points to improve many conditions.

Immune Function

Many of our patients come into the clinic because they feel “sick” tired rundown and depleted without having had much success in orthodox medicine very frequently we are able to pinpoint exactly why your body is in trouble. This is one of the most rewarding parts of the job to be perfectly honest. Our approach is always to use natural medicine/herbs/nutrients to support the bodies immune function and assist the body to recovery. It is much more successful than many western approaches to disease.

Applied Biochemistry

Using our ability to communicate with the body we can locate and understand faults in individual chemical reactions in hormone pathways, energy cycles and other chemical processes, and find the nutrients necessary to repair them. Digestion, hormones, thyroid etc, can all benefit from this.

Neurological Balancing

When children or adults tire on exercise, are clumsy, having trouble with schoolwork or study, uncoordinated or ‘slow’, the problem can often be that they are having problems with the ‘wiring’ of the electrical systems of the body. Our techniques can often produce remarkable changes in moments with these people. Sometimes difficulties in moods can be traced back to rogue reflexes that persisted from early childhood when they should have naturally been superseded. These Retained Neonatal Reflexes respond to Applied Kinesiology techniques with great benefits for the patient.