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Matthew Polock

B.Sc (Psych) M.Chiro; Cert Applied Kinesiologist

Matthew’s journey to AK started as a young sportsman, playing basketball one season suffered back pain that was not amenable to multiple treatments by many doctors and physiotherapists. His mother was recommended to see a Chiropractor who used Applied Kinesiology and the waiting list for the appointment was 3mths long. Matthew having back pain attended this appointment in place of his mother and was amazed at how his body responded to provocations of his muscles by the Chiropractor. Whenever the Chiropractor found a problem in Matthew’s body it would elicit a weak muscle, he could not believe what was occurring. The chiropractor treated a whole range of spinal adjustments, visceral (organ) malpositions, even some emotional issues that were all contributing to the back pain that Matthew was experiencing. He told Matthew the issue would resolve and that he would have no pain after resting for 1 week. It was true!! Matthew was hooked at that point. Finding a practitioner who could find and correct so much of what was going on with Matthew was life-changing, to say the least, and inspired his journey.

Matthew completed an initial degree in Science with Psychology major at UNSW before completing a Masters Degree in Chiropractic at Macquarie University Sydney. At the same time, Matthew completed his training and certification in Applied Kinesiology and has never looked back.

Matthew continues to train each and every year, with postgraduate study in Biochemistry, Visceral biomechanics, Cranial techniques, Functional Neurology, Retained neonatal reflexes, Neuroemotional technique, Neuroimmunology, and still to this day is extremely passionate about his career.