About Healthy Body Solutions

Healthy Body Solutions is a natural-health clinic devoted to improving the lives of people in Port Macquarie and surrounds – but we do have travelling from Tamworth, Sydney, Canberra, Grafton and even from interstate because they like the gentle and effective techniques we use

What to Expect…

Our Philosophy and Methods

We do not seek patients who are after a ‘quick fix’ for a headache or sore back and then they take no further interest in their health. We can refer such patients to other good chiropractors in the area who are more geared to that approach.

We seek to build a partnership with our patients/clients that is an ongoing hand-holding trip up to good health and beyond. Our people want us to really understand their problems, then remove their pain, as well as check and treat organ function, nutritional status, and even emotional stresses. Once well, our patients can move from symptomatic care to a maintenance level. We can do this using a program which is tailor-made for each patient allowing for such factors as their age, lifestyle, and activity. Our amazing armoury of skills is built around the Applied Kinesiology technique.

Our slogan is Better Health Naturally! – and from your very first visit we expect you to see why.

Initial Visit

On your first visit, which lasts for a full half hour, we will focus on your story. We will question you on each symptom and we want to hear your full case-history. We will then perform a thorough examination – and here you will be amazed at just what your body will tell us about your symptoms and about things you haven’t even mentioned. We will run some simple tests where relevant. There is a full half-hour allocated to finding out just what we need to know. We usually need all of this to get the complete story.

Regular Visits

On each regular visit we will check with you as to the improvements you have noticed. We will then tie that to the work we have done and then continue to build on the foundations we have laid down. Remember, we are always seeking to find and fix causes – not just symptoms – so that the changes we make will be longer lasting.

Second Visit

This will be scheduled for a day or two after your first visit. Having reviewed your test results, your x-rays and case history, as well as our examination findings, we will report to you on just how we see your problems and recommend a course of treatment. We will tell you our prognosis (our opinion on how we can help you) and, once we are agreed, we will start treatment immediately.


It is important to ensure that we are really making the improvement we aim for. After the recommended schedule of treatment, we will re-run the tests that were relevant from day 1 and monitor the changes. Based on your results, we will recommend any further treatment program.

Please realise that while some problems react quickly, others of a long-standing or recurring nature may well take longer. We see ‘miracles’ on a daily basis, but mostly patients need patience. The recommended course of treatment is what you should be prepared for. If all goes smoothly and we feel you are ready, we will shorten the program. We promise you that! When you are pain-free and or testing shows that you are stable, we will spread your visits in consultation with you until we reach a frequency that maintains you at high state of health. Perhaps that might be at 3-month intervals or more. We will decide that together.

Since your visits to our clinic will be at times that are reserved for you, it is important that you let us know at least 4 hours ahead if you are unable to keep an appointment. That way we can place someone else in that spot and we don’t need to charge you for the time you reserved. This is important as we usually have a list of patients seeking appointments for unforeseen problems – such as a fall or golfing strain. We do our best to keep to time because we recognise that you are busy too. Sometimes, in a difficult case when someone is in a lot of pain, we run over time. This doesn’t happen often and we ask your indulgence. Remember, it might be you that needs the extra time one day.