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If you are interested in a holistic approach to your health problems, then Healthy Body Solutions is the right place for you.

Do you have pain?

Do you lack energy?

Are you getting the answers you need?

Are you getting better – or worse?

Like most people with a problem, you have probably tried ‘everything you can think of’ to get relief. Your medical doctor sent you for tests, thought about you for a short time then diagnosed a lung problem, or arthritis, or a torn muscle, or a slipped disc, etc. As a result of your pathology results, or your x-rays, you may even have been sent to a specialist who ordered more tests, then it was back to your GP for prescription(s). Maybe you had relief for a short while. That’s what prescriptions do. They (usually) cover the symptoms and make you feel better – but they don’t FIX anything in most cases. Have you ever heard of medicine FIXING blood pressure, arthritis, headaches, rashes, indigestion etc? I certainly have never seen it.

There is another way. It is called a holistic approach. This means that we look at you and your body as an integrated parcel of structures and tissues, organs, glands and systems that work as a team and depend on each other for the feeling we call HEALTH. You are a ‘Whole’ person – not just a lung problem or a heart problem etc.

It’s not enough to just give a ‘toss-away diagnosis’ such as “I think you’ve torn a muscle in your low back”. Which specific muscle? Where? How? Why?

At HEALTHY BODY SOLUTIONS our job is to understand your problem and (where possible) its causes, then FIX the underlying problem – not just control the symptoms. That is why our initial double visit is aimed at really looking at you in depth to build a picture of the problems you have and the factors that cause them.

We have some amazing tools to help us do this! (See ‘What is Applied Kinesiology’)

During this examination, you will come to understand just how the body parts work together as a whole, and why symptoms you experience can be the result of many apparently unrelated factors. Our patients love having it explained to them just how the problems that are revealed affect their overall and their specific areas of pain. Education is part of the treatment. If you understand how you got to be like this, then you have gone a long way to know how to heal the problem and prevent a recurrence.

You know, I love it that we are often ‘the last hope’. It makes success that much sweeter.

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