See the Dr or visit a natural health practitioner??

I am often confounded by the negative stigma that is associated with Natural Medicine?? I see so many patients that are frustrated by the orthodox medical system who has not solved their health problems or conditions, and are taking a bag of pills with numerous side effects, yet they have been warned not to come to see an alternative health practitioners as we are unscientific or dangerous. I am puzzled as generally the interventions we are advising in our patients consist of getting better sleep, ways to reduce stress, eating a better, exercise, improving strength, coordination of the muscles and the nervous system, changing diets around to improve health outcomes. None of these are remotely controversial…. all of them have a solid evidence base and we consistently get great results when people apply these methods. In my opinion all patient care should be directed primarily through these natural avenues first, and IF only IF solutions cannot be achieved then a patient should be referred to orthodox medical care for drug treatment.