Fibromyalgia, lumpy breasts and cancer??

Iodine deficiency is very common in modern society and pre exists in any cancer state. Glandular tissue in the body has a particular propensity to gather Iodine, and it swells up if it does not have Iodine. In women the thyroid, breasts and ovaries gather Iodine and in men we include the prostate too. It is relatively simple to test for Iodine deficiency and we do this regularly in the clinic as it is cheap and simple to supplement with. The conditions worth looking out for include cancer, thyroid problems, fibrocystic painful breasts, ovarian cysts and polycystic ovaries, prostate enlargement or cancer, fibromyalgia. Please share this with friends who may experience any of these conditions. See Dr Jorge Flechas video he is one of the world leaders on Iodine