My favourite health film.

Fat sick and nearly dead is one of my favourite health documentaries. Since January is a good time of year for resolutions and new beginnings, many of you are going to want some direction in the best ways to make some changes to your body, and I personally really like this one. Joe Cross produced this film a few years ago almost as an experiment to see if this sort of detox could help him where a medical system has constantly failed him over decades… Does this sound like you? I certainly see MANY patients in my clinic who tell very similar stories where medicine has let them down. It is a powerful and inspirational journey back to health for Joe and a number of other characters featured in the film, interestingly each of the individual trying to regain their health have different signs and symptoms of ill health, and all see valuable improvement which I think adds to the impressive nature of this juicing intervention. Within my clinic I have used this protocol very successfully and produced “miracles” for patients that their specialists have not been able to explain. Please enjoy and share Fat sick and nearly dead. by clicking on the link.