More of my favourite health documentaries.

Following on from last weeks video showing Joe Cross and his powerful demonstration of what can be done using juicing and nutrition as a potent healer. I thought this week I would show another of my favourites. This is Super Juice Me by Jason Vale, a man whose mother was affected by cancer and was inspired to look for alternative ways to improve health he is the owner of Juicy Oasis a health retreat specialising in Juice fasts in Portugal. This is the journey of a group of attendees to his retreat of all ages and covering a combined diagnosis of 22 different medical conditions. Watch as their journeys back towards the pathway to health unfold. Where orthodox medicine has failed them. If you are interested in starting a program like this for yourself and want some advise and assistance please message Healthy Body Solutions via facebook or call us and we have a track record for helping plenty of patients achieve their health goals, you can do the same. Please enjoy this film.