More of my favourite health documentaries.

Following on from last weeks video showing Joe Cross and his powerful demonstration of what can be done using juicing and nutrition as a potent healer. I thought this week I would show another of my favourites. This is Super Juice Me by Jason Vale, a man whose mother was affected by cancer and was inspired to look for alternative ways to improve health he is the owner of Juicy Oasis a health retreat specialising in Juice fasts in Portugal. This is the journey of a group of attendees to his retreat of all ages and covering a combined diagnosis of 22 different medical conditions. Watch as their journeys back towards the pathway to health unfold. Where orthodox medicine has failed them. If you are interested in starting a program like this for yourself and want some advise and assistance please message Healthy Body Solutions via facebook or call us and we have a track record for helping plenty of patients achieve their health goals, you can do the same. Please enjoy this film.


My favourite health film.

Fat sick and nearly dead is one of my favourite health documentaries. Since January is a good time of year for resolutions and new beginnings, many of you are going to want some direction in the best ways to make some changes to your body, and I personally really like this one. Joe Cross produced this film a few years ago almost as an experiment to see if this sort of detox could help him where a medical system has constantly failed him over decades… Does this sound like you? I certainly see MANY patients in my clinic who tell very similar stories where medicine has let them down. It is a powerful and inspirational journey back to health for Joe and a number of other characters featured in the film, interestingly each of the individual trying to regain their health have different signs and symptoms of ill health, and all see valuable improvement which I think adds to the impressive nature of this juicing intervention. Within my clinic I have used this protocol very successfully and produced “miracles” for patients that their specialists have not been able to explain. Please enjoy and share Fat sick and nearly dead. by clicking on the link.





Fibromyalgia, lumpy breasts and cancer??

Iodine deficiency is very common in modern society and pre exists in any cancer state. Glandular tissue in the body has a particular propensity to gather Iodine, and it swells up if it does not have Iodine. In women the thyroid, breasts and ovaries gather Iodine and in men we include the prostate too. It is relatively simple to test for Iodine deficiency and we do this regularly in the clinic as it is cheap and simple to supplement with. The conditions worth looking out for include cancer, thyroid problems, fibrocystic painful breasts, ovarian cysts and polycystic ovaries, prostate enlargement or cancer, fibromyalgia. Please share this with friends who may experience any of these conditions. See Dr Jorge Flechas video he is one of the world leaders on Iodine


The SECRETS of vitamin D.

Vitamin D is almost the fad vitamin of the decade, with lots of people being prescribed or self administering Vitamin D of late. What are some of the secrets that people dont tell you about abut this hormone, like synthetic vitamin D that you take in too higher dose can be toxic. Why I dont prescribe it as much as I could? and what you can do in order to better boost your vitamin D levels and make sure that it gets where it needs to go… for FREE!!


Are my calcium tablets causing brain lesions?

A Study released in the British Journal of Nutrition 2014 showed that calcium supplements even in low doses was associated with an increase in brain lesions? These brain lesions it appears were caused by calcium build up in the arteries that led to ischemia of brain tissue. The problem was that the sources of many calcium tablets is derived from calcium carbonate, or shells of crustaceans, or eggs. These are inorganic forms of calcium that the body does not readily receive. In nature the way that the body obtains calcium and for that matter many of its minerals is through plants. See pure distilled water falls from rain and mixes on the ground as it runs over rocks and dirt and gathers inorganic minerals, these then feed the plants, which have the capacity to transform these inorganic minerals into organic minerals which we absorb. This is why we suggest people eat a lot of plants and especially green leafy vegetable matter when trying to get an easily assimilated source of calcium.