When should I stop a fever?? 🤒

Should you stop a fever in a child who is sick? When the body has an infection a fever is a very good sign that the immune system is functioning well. Some people’s nervous system is so disorganised it cannot make an immune response like a fever…. This is not a good thing. The hypothalamus in the brain responds to an infection by raising the body temperature a few degrees for a period of time in order the prevent the virus or infection from replicating or to kill of the infection completely. As medicine does not really deal with viruses, usual advice will be to stay at home and rest, while this is necessary, the medication that they give to reduce fever are also handicapping your own immune systems ability to defend you. Generally we would monitor a fever and let it “fight it out” up until about 40-41 degrees. Most fevers will not spike further than this as the body has protective mechanisms in place. Come in and see your health practitioner to deal with the immune issue and help you get over it quicker.