See the Dr or visit a natural health practitioner??

I am often confounded by the negative stigma that is associated with Natural Medicine?? I see so many patients that are frustrated by the orthodox medical system who has not solved their health problems or conditions, and are taking a bag of pills with numerous side effects, yet they have been warned not to come to see an alternative health practitioners as we are unscientific or dangerous. I am puzzled as generally the interventions we are advising in our patients consist of getting better sleep, ways to reduce stress, eating a better, exercise, improving strength, coordination of the muscles and the nervous system, changing diets around to improve health outcomes. None of these are remotely controversial…. all of them have a solid evidence base and we consistently get great results when people apply these methods. In my opinion all patient care should be directed primarily through these natural avenues first, and IF only IF solutions cannot be achieved then a patient should be referred to orthodox medical care for drug treatment.





More of my favourite health documentaries.

Following on from last weeks video showing Joe Cross and his powerful demonstration of what can be done using juicing and nutrition as a potent healer. I thought this week I would show another of my favourites. This is Super Juice Me by Jason Vale, a man whose mother was affected by cancer and was inspired to look for alternative ways to improve health he is the owner of Juicy Oasis a health retreat specialising in Juice fasts in Portugal. This is the journey of a group of attendees to his retreat of all ages and covering a combined diagnosis of 22 different medical conditions. Watch as their journeys back towards the pathway to health unfold. Where orthodox medicine has failed them. If you are interested in starting a program like this for yourself and want some advise and assistance please message Healthy Body Solutions via facebook or call us and we have a track record for helping plenty of patients achieve their health goals, you can do the same. Please enjoy this film.


5 simple tips to reduce your stress

Its no surprise that we all live a busy and chaotic life these days. How can we move through life and achieve a balance between getting things done and not burning yourself out? Check out my video on 5 simple tips to reduce stress. Stress can be a complicated multifactorial problem so if you think that it is impacting you severely and impacting your life please be sure to come in to the practice for an appointment and we can make an assessment of this and start a program to help you out.

What is Applied Kinesiology and muscle testing??

Applied Kinesiology and manual muscle testing is simply a gauge of how well your brain and nervous system is controlling your body. Testing muscle strength is one measure of how well the signal from the brain to control the muscle is functioning, if the signal is not working very well then we lose motor output to the muscle. We must remember that motor output to muscle is only one area of function that these nerves have however and that it is possible and highly likely that other areas of the body signalled by that nerve in question are also likely to be dysfunctional. The body has an autonomic nervous system that governs automatic functions like breathing and heart rate and rhythm, digestion and immune response. Ideally we want all of our bodies systems to be functioning optimally dont we? Applied Kinesiology allows the trained practitioner to assess each of these systems and then apply corrections in the the forms of changing inputs to the nervous system and measure and test if a change occurs. It really seems amazing but when you understand the application and how it works within the nervous system not only is it robust scientifically but it is predictable, testable, measurable and reliable that you are going to change the output from the brain and nervous system if you alter afferent input to the nervous system. EVERYTHING is neurology!!


The SECRETS of vitamin D.

Vitamin D is almost the fad vitamin of the decade, with lots of people being prescribed or self administering Vitamin D of late. What are some of the secrets that people dont tell you about abut this hormone, like synthetic vitamin D that you take in too higher dose can be toxic. Why I dont prescribe it as much as I could? and what you can do in order to better boost your vitamin D levels and make sure that it gets where it needs to go… for FREE!!


Yes!! Everybody needs to see a Chiropractor….

Everybody has a central nervous system. The control centre for the whole body, from movement to heart rate and the response of your immune system. This means that everybody should see a Chiropractor to make sure that there nervous system is functioning in its best possible state. The body is constantly trying to maintain a state of balance or homeostasis in its many functioning systems. The Chiropractor is the specialist to see when it comes to maintaining that system for the long haul of life.

New Blog with Free tips and hints on staying healthy!

Check out our new VLOG! Starting today Healthy Body Solutions will be providing helpful health advice on a number of topics to assist the general public to really take control of gaining better health. 🤗 Dr Matthew Polock (Chiropractor) will be giving out advice on the latest health advice from courses he has recently completed, to the latest books he has read, along with good old fashioned health tips that are so easily forgotten about in our fast paced world. Please share with your friends and contact Matt to request any information that you might like him to review and give a natural health perspective to.