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At last a Diabetes treatment that works!

Very exciting news lately that Diabetes Australia has at long last made note of the latest evidence in combatting Type 2 diabetes. These changes involve recommending a low carbohydrate diet, as it has been shown beneficial to manage insulin levels in the affected patient. Natural health practitioners have been saying this for decades now… Did […]

When should I stop a fever?? 🤒

Should you stop a fever in a child who is sick? When the body has an infection a fever is a very good sign that the immune system is functioning well. Some people’s nervous system is so disorganised it cannot make an immune response like a fever…. This is not a good thing. The hypothalamus […]

Are you getting enough water and salt?

Dehydration can cause many symptoms in people that are unexpected and undiagnosed, adding the correct amount of water and salt to a diet is a great starting point to ensure optimum health. First start by checking how much water you are drinking, and make sure it is a good source of clean and filtered water. […]

New Blog with Free tips and hints on staying healthy!

Check out our new VLOG! Starting today Healthy Body Solutions will be providing helpful health advice on a number of topics to assist the general public to really take control of gaining better health. 🤗 Dr Matthew Polock (Chiropractor) will be giving out advice on the latest health advice from courses he has recently completed, […]