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See the Dr or visit a natural health practitioner??

I am often confounded by the negative stigma that is associated with Natural Medicine?? I see so many patients that are frustrated by the orthodox medical system who has not solved their health problems or conditions, and are taking a bag of pills with numerous side effects, yet they have been warned not to come […]

More of my favourite health documentaries.

Following on from last weeks video showing Joe Cross and his powerful demonstration of what can be done using juicing and nutrition as a potent healer. I thought this week I would show another of my favourites. This is Super Juice Me by Jason Vale, a man whose mother was affected by cancer and was […]

My favourite health film.

Fat sick and nearly dead is one of my favourite health documentaries. Since January is a good time of year for resolutions and new beginnings, many of you are going to want some direction in the best ways to make some changes to your body, and I personally really like this one. Joe Cross produced […]

Fibromyalgia, lumpy breasts and cancer??

Iodine deficiency is very common in modern society and pre exists in any cancer state. Glandular tissue in the body has a particular propensity to gather Iodine, and it swells up if it does not have Iodine. In women the thyroid, breasts and ovaries gather Iodine and in men we include the prostate too. It […]

5 simple tips to reduce your stress

Its no surprise that we all live a busy and chaotic life these days. How can we move through life and achieve a balance between getting things done and not burning yourself out? Check out my video on 5 simple tips to reduce stress. Stress can be a complicated multifactorial problem so if you think […]

What is Applied Kinesiology and muscle testing??

Applied Kinesiology and manual muscle testing is simply a gauge of how well your brain and nervous system is controlling your body. Testing muscle strength is one measure of how well the signal from the brain to control the muscle is functioning, if the signal is not working very well then we lose motor output […]

The SECRETS of vitamin D.

Vitamin D is almost the fad vitamin of the decade, with lots of people being prescribed or self administering Vitamin D of late. What are some of the secrets that people dont tell you about abut this hormone, like synthetic vitamin D that you take in too higher dose can be toxic. Why I dont […]

Are my calcium tablets causing brain lesions?

A Study released in the British Journal of Nutrition 2014 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24787048 showed that calcium supplements even in low doses was associated with an increase in brain lesions? These brain lesions it appears were caused by calcium build up in the arteries that led to ischemia of brain tissue. The problem was that the sources of many […]

The prison diet experiments…

There is a lot that can be gleaned from some experiments that were done years ago within the prison system in the United States. They showed that once the sugary, white bread, fake mashed potatoe, standard American diet was removed and in place a healthy fresh fruit and vegetables and healthy meat/chicken fish, prepared by […]

What is all the barefoot fuss?

There is an argument that the footwear industry has a lot to answer for in relation to causing the many injuries athletes and runners get. The argument states that the rigid soles and extra unnatural cushioning, changes the way the biomechanics of the foot works and so creates problems. Within the 28 bones of the […]