What is Applied Kinesiology and muscle testing??

Applied Kinesiology and manual muscle testing is simply a gauge of how well your brain and nervous system is controlling your body. Testing muscle strength is one measure of how well the signal from the brain to control the muscle is functioning, if the signal is not working very well then we lose motor output to the muscle. We must remember that motor output to muscle is only one area of function that these nerves have however and that it is possible and highly likely that other areas of the body signalled by that nerve in question are also likely to be dysfunctional. The body has an autonomic nervous system that governs automatic functions like breathing and heart rate and rhythm, digestion and immune response. Ideally we want all of our bodies systems to be functioning optimally dont we? Applied Kinesiology allows the trained practitioner to assess each of these systems and then apply corrections in the the forms of changing inputs to the nervous system and measure and test if a change occurs. It really seems amazing but when you understand the application and how it works within the nervous system not only is it robust scientifically but it is predictable, testable, measurable and reliable that you are going to change the output from the brain and nervous system if you alter afferent input to the nervous system. EVERYTHING is neurology!!